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We are a group of veterinarians and industry representatives collaborating to provide our clients with the highest level of analysis, advice, service, and products, available in the Northwest. We strive to make our clients successful so that we can be successful, ultimately ensuring consumers receive high quality, safe, and wholesome food.

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CYON Livestock Solutions is dedicated to providing comprehensive and complete cattle health services. From individual services and products to the Whole Herd Program, find the best solutions for your herd's growth and success.

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Bolster your awareness of animal health with knowledgeable professionals.

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Put your herd's health at your fingertips with advanced animal analytics.

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From minerals to vaccinations, we supply the essentials for animal health.

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Manage the health of your herd at the micro level with detailed lab services.

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Whole Herd Program

Let CYON tailor a custom service package for your operation, providing a program unique to the needs of your herd. Hand select the various solutions offered by CYON and our partners to create a fixed-cost alternative unlike any service on the market.

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